Treasure Hunting

Where to Go Treasure Hunting

Want to look for treasure? Treasure hunting can mean searching for anything really from looking for precious metals, fossils, gemstones, old relics, and even geocaching. I have always loved treasure hunting because you never know what you can find and half the fun is doing the research and finding something after all your hard work. At one time or another I have tried all of these types of treasure hunting and if you are curious about any the information below should give you all the information you need to get started.

Metal Detecting

Considering the name of the website, it should come as no surprise that I start with metal detecting. If you want to find lost objects in parks, beaches, old homesteads, fairgrounds, all you need is a metal detector to search for lost treasure.

While I enjoy all types of treasure hunting metal detecting for me is the most enjoyable.

Gold Panning

Gemstone Hunting

Fossil Hunting

Garage Sales & Thrift Stores


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