Minelab Etrac


Minelab E-Trac Information & Details:

– Backlight LCD Screen with button interface
– E-Trac Xchange (Connection to PC for downloading discrimination patterns)
– 1.5 – 100 KHz frequency
– Four search modes (Coins, high trash, beach, relics)
– Additional four customizable modes
– 10 discrimination patterns (Coins, all-metal, jewelry, foil, pull tab, iron, screwcap, nail)
– 10 additional customizable discrimination settings
– Fully automatic sensitivity adjustment with 1 to 30 manual adjustment
– Automatic ground balance
– Noise cancel (11 operating settings)
– 0 to 50 threshold adjustment
– Koss UR30 Headphones
– Weight 3.5 pounds
– 1600 NiMH rechargeable battery
– 11″ double-D coil
– 3 year warranty

Minelab E-Trac Review & Guide:

As you can tell from the details above and see in this video from Minelab the E-trac is a versatile relic hunting machine. With all the options at your disposal this machine can be customized for any terrain and location. The Minelab E-Trac has specific modes, universal Settings, and preferences. The modes are what you set for the machine based on the location such as the dry sand of the beach or a highly mineralized homesite. You can modify these modes through the E-Trac Xchange. The universal settings include the sensitivity, noise cancel, and threshold. Think of the modes as the high level more broad scope where as the universal settings fine tune your specific detecting needs for that particular hunt. Finally, there are preferences which have no effect on the E-Trac performance but are more about personal choices for how you want data presented.


What is the E-Trac Xchange?

This is a USB plugin for the purpose of connecting between your E-trac and a PC or laptop. What makes this so special? You can download/upload and share discrimination patterns! The minelab website has some great intro file to help get you started with E-TRAC Xchange. They were created by Minelab field testers for all E-Trac users. Each of these patterns were designed for certain targets/locations so use them accordingly.

How do I use the E-Trac Xchange
1. Install the E-trac Xchange on your computer with the CD provided. Follow the prompts and install the software. The Xchange icon should be present on your desktop or check the start menu.
2. Insert the USB Cable into your E-Trac and the other end into the PC.
3. Turn on your E-trac.
4. Open up the E-Trac Xchange to save, modify, and download patterns.


Where to Hunt?

Research is an important part of metal detecting. Take a look around the area where you live and determine what you are searching for. Is it old relics, coins, or newer drops like change or jewelry? Personally, I like to do both but because of the area I live in, I am primarily a beach hunter. Relic hunting in general is all about research. Do you live near an old wagon trail, a civil war battlefield, or do your relatives have old land? These are all fantastic relic hunting locations. Other then relic hunting there is “coin shooting” which is hunting for coins old and new. Parks, fields, sidewalk tearouts, schoolyards (if allowed) all make great hunting spots.


So what has been found with the Minelab E-Trac?

When I first started detecting it was mostly crusty pennies, aluminum cans, and pulltabs. As I advanced by learning how to properly set the discrimination and sensitivity, and swinging the coil low and slow, I was finding old coins (wheat pennies and mercury dimes) and rings. With relic hunting what you can find will amaze you regularly because there are so many different things to find. Check out this video to the left, this is an example of relic hunting with a Minelab E-Trac at it’s finest! Will you find the same? I can’t tell you for sure but the only way to find out is getting out there yourself! Metal detecting rewards patience, persistence, and luck.


Why is the Minelab E-Trac so popular?

One word, customizability. I know that is a mouthful but that is what makes the Minelab E-Trac so popular with the professional detectorists. It’s amazing discrimination, sensitivity, and unique custom saved program modes allow you to really hone in on the perfect settings for specific locations. Want to hunt an iron infested homestead, there is a discrimination mode for that!


Are you interested in purchasing a Minelab E-Trac metal detector?

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