Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro Information & details:

– LCD Screen with button interface
– Waterproof housing (10 feet)
– Six search modes
– Iron Discrimination (1-40 levels)
– Target ID (1 to 99 scale)
– Ground Balance
– Target conductivity identifier
– 4 AA Batteries


Garrett AT Pro Review & Guide:

This metal detector is popular because it is considered an “all terrain” machine. Think of it as the Swiss army knife of detectors. The AT Pro does have a learning curve but there are three standard modes that are designed to make it a more pick up and go machine. Then when you become more advanced with your machine you can move into one of the the three “professional” modes that provide more customizable features. Many Garrett detectors use an LCD screen with button interface as opposed to knobs that many other manufacturers use.

As discussed on the beach metal detecting page for the Garrett AT Pro this machine is great for dry sand beach hunting, the wet sand and salt water. What makes this detector so popular is its ability to handle many different metal detecting situations. Most metal detectors have a particular use such as hunting for gold nuggets, hunting the wet sand at the beach, or coin shooting at an old park. The Garrett AT Pro can do all of these!

What is ground balance?
Settle down, it’s not that scary. Without getting to technical, ground balancing enables the metal detector to cancel out the negative effects caused by ground mineralization. The detector can now determine an actual target versus the false signals produced from the highly conductive minerals in the ground. If the detector is picking up the conductive signal from minerals in the ground how are you going to know if there is a target in the ground? The answer is you won’t because when you swing the detector all you will hear are the beeps of the minerals (also known as falsing). If you are working a particularly nasty area, some falsing is expected.

A good habit to maximize depth is to ground balance before each hunt and then whenever you notice a change in the ground (an example would be tan beach sand versus wet black sand). On the AT Pro there is a button labeled “GND BAL”. Now if you are unfamiliar with ground balance just hold the button and the machine will automatically ground balance the machine and show the number that it is set to. Not so bad right? Manually ground balance is pressing the button and using the “notch disc” buttons to move the ground balance number up or down. A common technique is to first auto ground balance the machine and then “tweak” the auto setting a bit. If you are looking for small targets (dimes) move the ground balance down a notch or two. For large targets (quarter+) move the notch a few above the auto settings.

Popular Garrett AT Pro Accessories:

Below are some common Garrett AT Pro accessories that metal detectorists purchase to assist with metal detecting. While the AT Pro is both a land and sea machine, if you are a relic hunter you want a good digging tool and other important accessories showcased below.

Garrett AT Pro Coil Cover

This fits on the bottom of your AT Pro coil. It protects from damage caused by rough sand, rocks, you name it. This is an investment in the protection of your AT Pro. It doesn’t add to much weight to the detector because its plastic. It will fit snug on the coil so don’t worry about it falling of.

Garrett AT Pro Rechargeable Batteries

The Garrett AT Pro uses AA batteries so it makes sense to buy rechargeable ones. The Sanyo Eneloops are by far the best AA rechargeable batteries around, just look at all the positive reviews. These work perfectly with the Garrett AT Pro, and should cut down on your long term battery costs. They charge quickly and have a long battery life which is perfect for detecting. Click here for the best price on Sanyo Eneloop Batteries!

Metal Detector Finds Pouch

With all the goodies found at the beach you are going to need a place to put them so you can continue on your hunt. Metal detecting finds pouches are worn on the waist (most come with a belt) and are designed to hold not only trash items but your keepers in different compartments. Another important feature are “drain holes” so you can quickly rinse out all the sand that is stuck to your finds making clean up much easier.

Garrett Ace 150 & 250 Metal Detector Digging Tools

Depending on where you are searching, you are going to need something to dig up those targets. Check out this page on digging tools or get a beach scoop . Additionally, if you really want to get something that will speed up the recovery of targets check out the Garrett pro-pointer.

Where to hunt?

You can really hunt with the AT Pro anywhere but be aware of the ground balancing mentioned above. I recommend starting in an area that is not highly mineralized (high presence of iron).

Beaches: Start with a non minerlized area such as the dry sand of the beach. Work the towel line, any action areas (volleyball), and the entrance/exit to the beach to get used to the detector. As you get used to the AT Pro start experimenting with the ground balance. Start with auto and fiddle with the manual to see what differences arise.

Old Areas: I know that sounds vague but the possibilities are endless. Old parks, homesteads, fields, you name it. Do your research and it is sure to pay off. Start with the local park to get a handle for your machine. There is a popular hunter on Youtube who uses a Garrett AT Pro and he has found some spectacular civil war relics. Remember this machine is great because it is waterproof and has great discrimination abilities. Use that to your advantage, an important part of finding great things is thinking outside the box, and detecting over an area where no detector has before. Old lake beds, river banks, and swimming holes would be a great place for the Garrett AT Pro.


What have others with Garrett AT Pro found?

When I first started it was mostly crusty pennies, aluminum cans, and pulltabs. As I advanced by learning how to properly set the discrimination and sensitivity, and swinging the coil low and slow, I was finding old coins (wheat pennies and mercury dimes) and rings. With relic hunting what you can find will amaze you because there are so many different items to find. Check out this video, this is an example of relic hunting at it’s finest with the Garrett AT Pro! Will you find the same? I can’t tell you for sure but the only way to find out is getting out there yourself! Metal detecting rewards patience, persistence, and luck.


Interested in buying the Garret AT Pro?

The Garrett AT Pro is a great versatile metal detector. Its great for beach hunting, relic hunting, you name it. But where can you get one for the best price? The prices of detectors fluctuate slightly due to sales and if you want the best price why not buy from the websites that have consistently low prices. You might as well buy from a place you are familiar with also right? To the right is the best price on Amazon. Below are current Ebay auctions that include both new and used metal detectors. If you found the information useful and choose to buy from either of these sites, good luck with your relic hunting!

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