Bounty Hunter Junior

Bounty Hunter Junior Information & Details:

– 2 knobs (sensitivity & eliminator)
– Target meter & sounds
– Small & lightweight design for children
– Easy to use
– 2 9 volt alkaline batteries


Bounty Hunter Junior Review & Guide:

The Bounty Hunter Junior is great for any child that is interested in metal detecting (under age 8). It is simple to use, just turn the power knob until it clicks and start swinging! Adjusting the power knob further will increase the sensitivity. The eliminator knob is for discrimination of certain objects. As you can see by the “face” of the Bounty Hunter Junior, potential targets will make a beep noise so the child knows when he/she has found something! Be sure to have a look at the introduction video to learn more about how to use the Bounty Hunter Junior. If you are interested in what others have to say about the Bounty Hunter Junior, have a look at the 1000+ Customer Reviews.

Where Should I Take My Kid Metal Detecting?

Start with the backyard, their favorite park, or even the beach. In the backyard find a spot with some sand or loose dirt and bury a few items (coins, toy cars, etc.) and see if they can find it. At the playground, have them try out their new detector in the sand of the playground by their favorite spot (swings, slide, etc.). At the beach they can explore around in the dry sand. Remember to make it fun, bury a few items for them to find!

Why Buy This Kids Metal Detector Over the Others?

The main reason to buy the Bounty Hunter Junior over other metal detectors is the price and functionality. This is metal detector is low priced but has some functions that allow for adjustability of discrimination and sensitivity. Also, it is designed with kids in mind. The shaft is smaller and it is lightweight.

Where to Buy Your Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector?

Ready to get your kid into a hobby will allow them to enjoy the outdoors and get a sense of history by searching for old items? Well the first thing you need is a detector of course. But where can you get one for the best price? The prices of detectors fluctuate slightly due to sales and if you want the best price why not buy from the websites that have consistently low prices. You might as well buy from a place you are familiar with also right? To the right is the best price on Amazon. Below are current Ebay auctions that include both new and used metal detectors.

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