Metal Detectors For Kids

What Are The Best Metal Detectors For Kids?

Looking to get a young one into metal detecting? Great! There are only a few metal detectors for kids that won’t fall apart after a few uses or can be unnecessarily complicated. The good news is no matter what metal detector you choose from the ones below they are affordable and easy to use. Also, they are from manufactures who have a long list of product models from the beginner metal detectorist to the seasoned pro.

What features are important in getting a kids metal detector?

Personally, kids aren’t going to be to concerned about discrimination or sensitivity. What makes a good metal detector for kids is that it has to be easy to use. Of course that depends on the age. Kids and toys can be an interesting thing, they will either play with it for hours or get bored real quick. Getting them into metal detecting might require a few treasure stories and an abundance of targets such as coins or other toys kids have buried.

How did my parents get me into metal detecting? They tricked me of course!

When I was young I got a radio shack detector for my birthday. Once my dad showed me how to use it we took it to the park. To my surprise I was finding countless quarters and dimes, even a fifty cent piece. I was hooked! Come to find out many years later after a confession from my mother that she had buried all the targets previously at that park. They had a good laugh but it was to late for me, I had already become obsessed. Burying a few coins for your kids is a great way to jump start them into the hobby! Go to a park that has a nice sandbox or volleyball court. You want an area that makes for easy digging. Grab some coins or better yet, interesting toys (cars, fake jewelry, anything metal of course) that your child likes and bury them in the sand when they are not looking. The look on their face when they first find something is priceless. If you really want to be creative you can turn it into a trasure hunt complete with a map (X marks the spot!). The possibilities are endless.

Metal detectors for kids UNDER age 8:

If you have a young child (under age 8) getting them a metal detector is more for the enjoyment of the hunt rather than seriously looking for items beneath the ground. Keep that in mind when you are thinking of getting a detector. These metal detectors for kids are more of a toy than a serious hunting machine. That doesn’t mean they won’t function properly. Bounty Hunter metal detectors are well known and just because it is designed for kids doesn’t mean it is made poorly.

Elenco Metal DetectorElenco
What sets the Elenco apart from the competition is the price (under $30) and the ease of use (two button sensitivity adjustment). Click here to learn more about the Elenco metal detector settings and information.
Bounty Hunter BHJS JuniorBH JN
What sets the Bounty Hunter Junior apart from the competition is the build quality and the sensitivity and discrimination dial. If you are interested in this metal detector, have a look at my webpage dedicated to the Bounty Hunter Junior for settings and information.

Metal detectors for kids OVER age 8 and adults:

If your child is over 8 you should really think about getting a dedicated hobby metal detector. While they are designed for beginners they can really find the items underground. My first metal detector, a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, found plenty of goodies at the nearby park and dry sand at the beach. Don’t let the prices fool you, you do not have to spend a large amount of money to get a metal detector that functions well. These metal detectors are designed to be easy to use and are considered “pick up and go” machines. That is, you set them once and go detecting.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
What sets the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV apart from the competition is the low cost and the ability to control both discrimination and sensitivity via two easy to use knobs. Click here to learn more about the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV settings and information.

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector
What sets the Garrett Ace 150 apart from the competition is the depth finder, target ID, and LCD screen with button interface. To learn more about the Garrett Ace 150 settings and information have a look at my page dedicated to this detector.
Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector
What sets the Tesoro Compadre apart from the competition is the simple one knob operation and lifetime warranty. Click here to learn more about the Tesoro Compadre settings and information.
Fisher F2 Metal Detector
What sets the Fisher F2 apart from the competition is the depth indicator, target ID, and LCD screen with discrimination and notch adjustability. Click here to learn more about the Fisher F2 settings and information.
Keep in mind these detectors are the same listed on the beginner metal detectors info page. That is because these detectors are great for any beginner regardless of age. Keep in mind, the price range increases if you want a beginner metal detector vs. the ones designed for young children. If you want to know more about beginner metal detectors click on the link.

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