Metal Detector Clothing

Not sure what to wear metal detecting?

Below are some of the metal detector clothing that I wear after years of experience! I use the items below because after much trial and error you are going to need to put together a nice set of gear, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. I usually just keep my gear in a box in the trunk of my jeep for whenever I want to go out for a hunt. Metal detecting clothing is about comfort and durability. Gloves can not be to think because you need the finger dexterity to press the buttons on your metal detector. Also, pants have to breath so you do not overheat and need to be durable as they will get dirty as they repeatedly hitting the ground.
Harbinger Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves
I use these gloves for beach metal detecting because I like to have access to my fingers. These are well made and have held up to much abuse including sand and salt water. Please keep in mind, if you are going to use your hands a lot when digging in the dirt, get something that protects your fingers. Like these below.
Mechanix Wear Large Impact Pro Gloves
Want some tough digging metal detecting gloves? These are the ticket, they have extra finger protection and are very well made. They are a little more expensive but they are worth it if you are using your hands to get dirty. Please be careful when using your hands when fishing around for a target in the ground, you may get an unpleasant surprise such as sharp glass or an aluminum can.
Brahma Men’s Glove Leather, Palm Grey, 3-Pack
Looking for some dirt cheap gloves that hold up great? These are perfect. I just keep these in my jeep next to my detector for when I want to do a quick hunt. They aren’t going to have a tight fit so keep that in mind but they will provide decent protection from dirt and vegetation. They can take quite a punishment but I have gone through a few pairs, thats why you get the three pack!
Columbia Sportswear Aruba III Pant
Why these pants? Well most importantly they are lightweight and waterproof. You are going to be washing these a lot so you need pants that are going to hold up. I usually just wash mine with a hose and let them dry outside. Every once and awhile I throw them in the washing machine. Another great this is that they turn into shorts. It can get pretty hot under the sun for long periods of time so the ability to convert to shorts is nice.
Men’s Cotton Tactical Pants
Looking for the pants that are durable with double thick spots in the knees and seat area. I would use these if you are more of a relic hunter/coin shooter that have overgrown brush or other thick vegetation. These are going to be heavier but less prone to ripes and tears. I have owned a pair of these for awhile and they have held up great.
Hexpad Knee Pads
These metal detector knee pads are the type you wear under your pants as they are low visibility. They are gel knee pads that are great on the skin because they have wiking ability which removes moisture from the skin.
Black Diamond Knee pads
These are the most comfortable knee pads you can buy. They are easy to adjust and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. These metal detecting knee pads are more durable than the gel filled variety but are also slightly more expense.

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