Garrett Pro pointer

Garrett Pro Pointer Review

A pinpointer is used when you have found a potential target in the ground but you are unsure where it is under your metal detector’s coil. In certain situations it doesn’t make sense to dig a giant hole and hope you dug the target up. Or you keep moving sand around and the target is moving with it. This is where the pinpointer comes in. You plunge the pinpointer into the soil or sand and fish around until you hear a beep! This makes acquiring targets fast and simple.

There are several pin pointers on the market which are notably cheaper than the Garrett Pro Pointer. However there is a reason why they are so much less expensive. The Garrett Pro Pointer is extremely rugged, water resistant, and vibrates depending on how close the target is. Starting with a faint beep and slow vibration, as you get closer it increases in vibration and beeping. This is so important because it will tell you if the target is deeper or on one of sides of the wall. Also, the battery life is much longer than expected. Finally, there is a LED light on the Garrett pinpointer to help you locate a target in the hole. There is no better pin pointer than the Garrett Pro Pointer.

Garrett Pro Pointer Details:

– Water resistent
– LED flashligt for low light areas
– Beep/vibration increases as you close in on the target
– Extremmly durable (these are built very well)
– 1 9 Volt Battery

Garrett Pro Pointer Information & Operation

I bought a Garrett pinpointer about three months after I got my Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV. I have had mine for years and I have treated it pretty rough. It is easy to clean (water resistent) and is not a battery hog. Also, it is useful in parks because sometimes you can’t get to all the areas with your metal detector. For instance, checking close to slides or close to any metal bars.

Buying a Garrett Pro Pointer Used or New?

Garrett Pro Pointers can be found on ebay both new and used. Keep in mind, most people who use these regularly tend to put them through the ringer. Therefore if you are looking to buy a Garrett Pro Pointer used look at all the pictures (if purchasing online) and make sure there isn’t excessive wear on the button. The button is the most vulnerable part of the Garrett Pro Pointer. If possible, try out the used Garrett Pro Pointer before buying and click the button to make sure it properly turns on and off. If you are interesting in buying new and want to get a Garrett Pro Pointer for the best price have a look on amazon. They have many different accessories and packages that you can buy with the Garrett Pro Pointer.

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