Best Metal Detecting Finds on YouTube

Top 5 Metal Detecting Finds on YouTube

You don’t have own a metal detector to appreciate the amazing items that have been found by treasure hunters. As an avid metal detectorist I love watching what others have found. Whether it be searching for gold nuggets, jewelry, or relics, YouTube has some of the best metal detecting finds around. Below are some of my favorite treasure hunting videos because they really define how amazing metal detecting is and also that you never know what you can find!

The Anglo-Saxon Gold Hoard:
This was discovered in 2009 by a metal detectorist in England. It was found on a recently plowed field where the detectorist had received prior permission to hunt. While the actual finding of the treasure was not documented the video provides a great analysis of everything found as well as a great back story. They also detail the process of archeologists to preserve all the items found in the hoard. Click here to learn more about relic hunting metal detectors. The reason I like this video is because I love the story of the detectorist and the history behind this find is amazing. This is what every relic hunter strives to find!

River Crossing Silver Hoard:
This silver coin hoard was found in the United States. The person who found this regularly hunts river crossings for civil war artifacts. The reasons as to why this amount of coins would be in this location has produced many theories. Watch the video and decide how you think they all got there. The condition that the coins are in is almost perfect, showing how well the mud preserved each of the coins. This was found with a Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector which is a great waterproof relic hunting machine. I enjoyed this video because we get to watch as the coins are being found. Watching this video really makes you want to go detecting!

Huge Gold Nugget:
This news story details the finding of a huge gold nugget. I don’t blame the owner for wanting to remain anonymous! Finding gold nuggets this large is thought to be impossible today but gold nugget hunters are still finding decent sized nuggets in California, Arizona, and Australia. You need a specialized metal detector when searching for gold in its raw form because nuggets are rarely this size!

Beach Hunting Treasure:
I didn’t want to exclude the amazing finds that beach hunters make. I am a beach hunter myself and seeing how much gold these guys found is amazing. Click here to learn more about beach metal detecting What is so great about hunting the beach is that you have the potential to find both new and old items. After a major storm to possiblity of finding old coins and relics is very high while hunting after a busy summer weekend can reward someone metal detecting with a nice piece of jewelry. You just never know what you can find!

A Strange Briefcase:
I like this one because there is so much build up with what will be in the briefcase. This video turns into a lesson for all detectorists and treasure hunters alike. Be careful! This could have gone many different ways and the finder is lucky something bad didn’t happen. But he did do the right thing by calling the authorities. Please keep in mind, this video has some strong language.

Metal detecting can be a lucrative hobby but keep in mind these people above hit the lottery so to speak. These are not the finds of a typical metal detectorist. However, these are examples of people who put in the research to find the great items under the ground, not to mention luck. What they don’t show is all the junk that they had to dig up along the way to find these great items. Keep in mind, metal detecting rewards patience and dedication. That includes having reasonable expectations by not expecting to dig up ancient treasure every time you go detecting. You have to keep in mind all the other great things about detecting such as being outside, getting a little bit of exercise, detecting with friends, learning about history through the finds you make, and the thrill of the hunt! If you are interested in metal detecting check out my beginner metal detecting webpage.

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