Tesoro Compadre


Tesoro Compadre Information & Details:

– One knob to control discrimination
– Lifetime warranty
– One 9 volt alkaline battery
– 8 Inch coil
– 2.2 LBs

Tesoro Compadre Review & Guide:

The Compadre is a great beginner machine. The operation of the this machine is simple, just turn the dial! Continuing to turn the dial will discriminate out more items. The detector only makes one sound which means that if you hear a tone, you dig. Have a look at 44 Customer Reviews.

Tesoro Compadre Recommended Settings:

I would start with the knob around “iron”. You don’t want to knock out to many items and you will get familiar with acquiring targets and digging them up. This detector is lightweight and easy to use making it an ideal beginner metal detector.

Where to Hunt?

Research is an important part of metal detecting. Take a look around the area where you live and determine what you are searching for. Is it old relics, coins, or newer drops like change or jewelry? Personally, I like to do both but because of the area I live in, I am primarily a beach hunter.

Parks: I like to start in the playground sand (swings/slides are a great spot) as it is easy to find targets and a great location to test the machine! As you advance into digging in the grass I recommend you research proper digging technique as it is a quick way to get unwanted attention as people quickly notice large holes and dead grass left behind. Look for heavy activity such as sports, picnic spots under trees, and where spectators like to sit and watch. You never know what you will find!

Beach: I would recommend staying in the dry sand. Popular spots are the towel line (where beachgoers set there belongings and sun bathe) and volleyball courts. The hot weather and sunscreen make for slippery hands, increasing the likelihood of wearable jewelry being lost. Also people set belongings on their towels and at the end of the day they lift it up forgetting about the items on the towel. Be prepared to dig bottle caps and pulltabs as well. I set them aside and throw them away when I am finished hunting for the day. More advanced beach detecting involves the wet sand but it is a difficult medium for metal detectors. I recommend getting a specific beach machine for wet sand and water hunting. Looking here for more beach detecting “hotspots”, Click here for more beach detecting tips.

So what can you find with your new metal detector?

When I first started it was mostly crusty pennies, aluminum cans, and pulltabs. As I advanced by learning how to properly set the discrimination and sensitivity, and swinging the coil low and slow, I was finding old coins (wheat pennies and mercury dimes) and rings. Will you find the same? I can’t tell you for sure but the only way to find out is getting out there yourself! Metal detecting rewards patience, persistence, and luck.

Why get this detector over the others?

The main reason to buy the Tesoro Compadre over other metal detectors is the ease of use and the lifetime warranty. This detector is a great entry level machine because you control everything with the twist of one knob. If you are debating between the Tesoro Compare and the Garrett Ace 150 think about what would be easier to use? Knob or button functionality. If the lifetime warranty and the use of knobs suits you, the Tesoro Compadre is the perfect detector.

Interested in buying a Tesoro Compadre?

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