Fisher F2 Metal Detector


Fisher F2 Information & Details:

– LCD Screen with button interface
– Buttons include sensitivity & discrimination adjustment, notch, pinpoint, and power
– Requires Two 9 volt alkaline batteries
– Coin depth indicator
– 2.6 pounds w/ batteries
– Five year warranty
– 8 inch coil
– Weight 2 pounds


Fisher F2 Review & Guide:

The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is a great beginner metal detector with comparative features to the Garrett Ace 150 & 250. Hit the power button on the left to turn the machine on. It will make an initial beep and show the battery life indicator (on the bottom right of the screen). The LCD screen is your guide in terms of the current settings on the machine. On the top are the different types of targets including iron, foil, nickel, tab, zinc, dime, quarter. Clicking the plus sign on the right side will discriminate out the different categories. Notch works in a similar manner as it removes certain items as well. Personally, I would discriminate out iron, and leave everything else. On the left side of the screen is the sensitivity. Sensitivity will increase depth at a cost of stability of the machine meaning it will be more prone to false signals. When you swing the detector over a target you will hear a sound and see a number. Also, on the right there is a depth indicator to give you a guide as to how deep the item is. All helpful tools in determines what the target it is and how deep! Finally there is the pin point button. Holding this down will help you determine where the target is and this does not require the coil to be moving, it is static. If you want to see what users are saying about this great detector, have a look at the 27 Customer Reviews.

If you are looking for a great book that lays out the basics of metal detecting have a look at this book. From detailing key terminology with regards to the metal detecting hobby and laying out what a typical metal detecting hunt consists of this book will provide you with a depth of great information for the beginner. This booked has a lot of great reviews. If you are new to the hobby have a look at Metal Detecting for the Beginner.

Fisher F2 Tips:

The Fisher F2 is a great metal detector because of the easy to use button interface. The LCD screen will give you all the information you need.
Fisher F2 Recommended Settings: Sensitivity at “5 bars” on the screen. Discriminate out iron only when you are first starting. Once you are more familar with the Fisher F2 you can play with the discrimination to “notch out” certain items that you do not want to dig.
Swing speed: The Fisher F2 has great target identification, swing the coil nice and low to the ground at the same level as you swing the coil side to side. Also, you want to overlap where the coil is with each swing to help insure you have not missed any small targets.
Use the pinpoint mode: If you are having trouble locating a target, swing the coil in an X position with the pinpoint mode activated to help narrow down where the target is in the ground.
Digging the right signals: If the signal reading is all over the place (wide range of numbers at each swing) then the odds are it is junk. However, after repeated swings and the target ID is giving steady numbers, it is usually a good target.

Fisher F2 Accessories:

No metal detector is complete without having important accessories to help make your detecting easier. Check out the accessories below for the Fisher F2 Metal Detector.

Fisher F2 Rechargeable Batteries

The Fisher F2 metal detector uses 2 9 volt batteries and because 9 volt batteries can be a little pricey, think about grabbing some rechargeable ones. I use these Tenergy 9 volt batteries as they are very well rated and are affordable. These will work with most universal chargers and provide a long charge so you can hunt without worrying about the batteries going dead.

Fisher F2 Carrying Bag

Need a bag to carry your Fisher F2 metal detector? Think about grabbing the Fisher Heavy Duty Carrying Bag. It is nice to have a bag you can grab and go detecting with and know that all your detector pieces are all in one place.

Fisher F2 11 Inch Coil

The Fisher F2 metal detector comes with a stock 8 inch coil. If you are looking to cover more area with each swing think about getting a larger coil. This would work great at the park for larger fields. Additionally, if you plan to go to the dry sand of your favorite beach this will cover the area with ease.

Metal Detecting Digging Tools & Scoops

lesche diggerWith all the targets you find with the Fisher F2 you need a well made shovel. A metal detecting trowel needs to be durable for cutting through grass and roots and prying up dirt. Have a look at these metal detecting digging tools. All these shovels have great amazon reviews and are perfect for metal detecting.
Beach Metal Detecting Scoops If you are close by any body of water you need to try metal detecting the dry beach sand. In order to dig up the targets in the most efficient way, you need to purchase a beach metal detecting sand scoop. These are designed to quickly sift through the sand so you can keep searching for the goodies. Also, for the sand locations of playgrounds using a handheld sand scoop is perfect as it makes digging up targets quick and easy. Have a look at my page dedicated to metal detecting sand scoops.

What Has Been Found With The Fisher F2 Metal Detector?

When I first started metal detecting it was mostly crusty pennies, aluminum cans, and left over food trash. Remember, metal detecting rewards patience, persistence, and luck. Having a metal detector is only one part of the metal detecting hobby. You have to put the time in with any metal detector you choose. Also, remember to have the proper accessories to help you extract the targets from the ground in the best way possible. The video to the right is a perfect example of the capabilities of the Fisher F2 and the detectorist is rewarded with some nice goodies. Have a look at the possibilities!

Where to Hunt With Your Fisher F2 Metal Detector?

Research is an important part of metal detecting. Take a look around the area where you live and determine what you are searching for. Is it old relics, coins, or newer drops like change or jewelry? Personally, I like to do both but because of the area I live in, I am primarily a beach hunter.
Playground PictureI like to start in the playground sand (swings/slides are a great spot) as it is easy to find targets and a great location to test the machine! As you advance into digging in the grass I recommend you research proper digging technique as it is a quick way to get unwanted attention as people quickly notice large holes and dead grass left behind. Look for heavy activity such as sports, picnic spots under trees, and where spectators like to sit and watch. You never know what you will find! Click here for more beginner metal detecting location ideas.

beach The beach is my favorite place to metal detect. Why is that? Because it is easy to dig and the beaches are constantly being replenished with fresh drops. During the summer you can go after work, in the morning, or ideally, on Sunday evening to catch all the weekend travellers to see what was left behind. During the winter, storms can move the sand around and you can find older coins and artifacts. The Fisher F2 will work great on the dry sand of the beach. You may want to turn up the discrimination as the beach can be quite trashy. Be sure to check out my webpage detailing my Beach Metal Detecting Tips.

Where To Buy Your Fisher F2 Metal Detector?

The main reason to buy the Fisher F2 over other metal detectors is the functionality and LCD screen with button interface. If you are debating between the Garrett Ace 150 and the Fisher F2 you have to think what you are getting for the extra money. The Fisher F2 is about the additional functions, like notch discrimination, target identification with numbers to tell the different items underground. On a final note, the Fisher F2 is said to have a fast response to targets meaning there is no delay when you swing the coil over the target. Where can you get one for the best price? The prices of detectors fluctuate slightly due to sales and if you want the best price why not buy from the websites that have consistently low prices. You might as well buy from a place you are familiar with also right? To the right is the best price on Amazon. Below are current Ebay auctions that include both new and used metal detectors. If you found the information useful and choose to buy from either of these sites, good luck with your new hobby!

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