Tesoro Sand Shark


Tesoro Sand Shark Important Details:

– Pulse induction technology
– Lifetime warranty
– Two operating modes (VCO & normal)
– Waterproof housing (200 feet)
– 8 AA alkaline batteries (10 to 20 hours)
– 4 knobs (Pulse, volume, mode, threshold)
– Interchangeable Coils

Tesoro Sand Shark Review & Guide:

The sand shark is a great PI (pulse induction) machine. Be prepared to dig because this machine only makes one tone when a target is found. However what it lacks in target identification it makes up for in depth. These go deep! The machine has two modes similar to other Tesoro models. This machine has a bit of a learning curve but as you get more familar with the machine you will get the hang of it. Below I will try to give a basic description of each of the 4 knobs on the machine.

The mode knob is the easiest so I will start with that. Turn the dial to both turn the machine on and select either the VCO mode or Normal (all-metal) mode. That humming sound you hear is normal is called the “treshold”. Whenever that humming sound is disturbed there is a potential target (or interference). VCO mode or voltage controlled oscillator works by increasing the sound and pitch (higher the closer you are to the target) of the machine depending on how deep the target is. This is great for pinpointing of course. Normal mode is different than VCO because while it still increases the sound of the target depending on how close it is to the coil, the tone remains the same.

Threshold and volume adjustment is a delicate process. You can’t just say turn the dial to a certain position and expect it to work for everyone. I will do my best but this is really a trial and error process for you as you get more accustomed to your machine. The goal is a barely audible constant hum and whenever there is a disturbance you are able to hear it and stop to research the sound further. This is where good headphones come into play because those minor changes in threshold are usually the real deep items. Again as with other settings, turn the knob to the middle poisition as it is a great place to start and make adjustments from there.

A unique feature of pulse induction metal detectors is pulse width. This controls the amount of signal transmited into the ground and then the detector reads the residual current produced from the metal items beneath the ground. This is a fancy way of saying the sensitivity is increased as you turn the dial. Increasing the pulse width has pros and cons because while it allows the detector to possibly pick up deeper/smaller targets, due to increased sensitivity, it will drain the batteries as a more rapid rate. Tesoro recommends the half way position. When you first get the detector I think the half way position is fine, even a little higher when appropriate (1 or 2 o’oclock position). Battery life? Who cares, you want the deep stuff right??


Tesoro Sand Shark Recommended Settings

– Pulse width in center position
– Volume a little past half way (1 o’clock)
– Threshold is tricky but you want to hear a low “hum” or buzzing sound
– Normal Mode


Where to Hunt With Your Tesoro Sand Shark?

beachHunting at the beach is a given as this is a dedicated waterproof beach machine. But let me try and give some helpful advice. You want to start in the dry sand (towel line & volleybal courts) first. Will you dig a lot of trash? Absolutetly, but you will also learn your machine. The more targets you dig the more you get familar and you also know the machine is working! As you progress and get better with your machine start working the wet sand of the beach. Believe it or not this is a whole new frontier. Finally, water hunting is the most diffiulct but can be the most rewarding. I am a Southern California hunter so water hunting has a different meaning than that of the Gulf Coast hunters but this is where the targets are few but the rewards can be amazing. Looking here for more beach detecting “hotspots”, Click here for more beach detecting tips.

Tesoro Sand Shark Accessories: Sand Scoop

Beach Metal Detecting Scoops If you are going to metal detect at the beaches you need a tool dedicated to sifting through the sands. A metal detecting sand scoops is essential but just like beach metal detectors themselves there are all different kinds with various marterials and sizes. Knowing which one to get depends on the the purpose and your budget. Have a look at my page dedicated to metal detecting sand scoops.


What can I expect to find with this detector?

When I first started it was mostly crusty pennies, aluminum cans, and pulltabs. As I advanced by learning how to properly use my metal detector and swinging the coil properly, I was finding old coins (wheat pennies and mercury dimes) and rings. Will you find the same? I can’t tell you for sure but the only way to find out is getting out there yourself! Metal detecting rewards patience, persistence, and luck.

Where to buy your metal detector?

Ready to start combing the beaches for treasure? The Tesoro Sand Shark is a great dedicated beach metal detector. This detector is made tough (waterproof to 250 feet). So where can you get one for the best price? The prices of detectors fluctuate slightly due to sales and if you want the best price why not buy from the websites that have consistently low prices. You might as well buy from a place you are familiar with also right? To the right is the best price on Amazon. Below are current Ebay auctions that include both new and used metal detectors. If you found the information useful and choose to buy from either of these sites, good luck in the water!

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